Sunday, July 1, 2012


The first Monday of June was just another day.
Still immersed in the feeling of Sunday, most of the members were absentmindedly talking to each other and taking a short break before they had to ignite themselves to take on the tasks.

Soon after, as we teamed up in three groups, each group reviewed their assigned archipelagos and started giving feedback to each other.
Well, this was a great idea of diversifying a heavy workload but the problem was that we were missing a common understanding among the members. Gradually, sharing and adapting our thoughts and ideas, we came up with a common perception of the label name and the reason why the pattern is important.
As the previous session, our professor took on the role to go around the groups to check their progress and give his opinion whenever the groups needed a third opinion.

We have been continuing this process for days and months and some people might ask why not adopt a more efficient  method? To simply answer to your question, this is a process of creation. Because this is a fairly new method, we need to find out a way on our own. If we find out that we cannot move on, we change our approach and explore a new way to keep moving with twists and turns It is the drive to move on and never stop that motivates the members of Iba lab.

After four hours of consecutive work, most of the members were burned-out.
How ever this is the proof that we squeezed out our intellectual thoughts and ideas to the max. We still have a long way to go but we are definitely moving on to the next step.

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