Thursday, October 22, 2009

Focusing on Creative Process rather than Creative Ability

In the previous posts, I pointed out three puzzles, namely (1) the intrinsic nature of creativity, (2) the contingent nature of creative processes, and (3) the difference of creativity between individual and group.

Considering these problems, I think we need to look at the relation between creative ability and creative process from the reverse angle, it means, from the view that “people who have creative ability can conduct creative process” to the view that “people who conduct creative process is creative”.

For the purpose, I suggest an alternative approach to creativity rather than psychological and social ones. In my view, the theory that describes such a process appropriately is, currently, systems theory, which enables us to think in transdisciplinary ways.

What is proposed here is a new viewpoint to describe what goes on in a creative process as a system, to be exact an autopoietic system. Applying the latest systems theory to understand the nature of creative process will reveal what goes on in the creative process.

The fundamental question to be answered is as follows:

how creative process is at all possible?

Moreover, the whole relations will be redrawn as couplings between creative, psychic, and social systems.

In the next post, I shall start to explain the theory.

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