Thursday, October 15, 2009

Puzzle 3. The Difference of Creativity between Individual and Group

The third puzzle in creativity is the difference of creativity between individual and group.

3. The Difference of Creativity between Individual and Group

Collaboration is the affair by more than one person that brings added value that cannot be achieved by one. In organizations and teams that successfully operate the process of creation through collaboration, communication in the organizations and teams gains "momentum," and it sympathizes and amplifies in a nexus. Along with this effect, connecting the path of communication one by one, it is possible to bring up unexpected remarkable idea and innovation.

The creation through collaboration is a matter of emergence, that unable individual to understand with existing theories, and is often taken as suspicious and mysterious thing. While a number of scientists have studied this kind of collective phenomena at group level, they merely reach to understand the effectiveness of collaboration. Collaboration is something that drives creativity by encouraging generating a long sequence of sparks beyond individual minds.

After all, is there any difference between individual creativity and group creativity? If there is the difference, it means that there are two types of creativity. Otherwise, a feature called "creativity" can be realized in the different bases: mind inside an individual and group made of individuals. In order to resolve the problem, both of psychological approach and sociological approach seem be insufficient, just because the problem lied over these disciplines.

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