Saturday, September 3, 2011

Just completed the English edition of Learning Patterns

I have great news to share with you.

We've just finished to write the English edition of Learning Patterns! :)

The Learning Patterns is a pattern language for creative learning. Pattern language was originally proposed as a method for sharing knowledge of architectural design, and it applied and became famous in the field of software design. What we've written is an application of the method of pattern languages into a new field, learning design.

In our little book of the Learning Patterns, 40 patterns of practical knowledge for designing creative learning are introduced, focusing on problem finding and problem solving in various learning situations. This book is written and organized, intended to support learners in some ways. First, it helps learners to reflect on their ways of learning. Second, it provides opportunities for learners to know better ways they have not experienced. Third, it encourages learners to talk about their own ways of learning with their friends, colleagues, and mentors.

The Japanese edition of Learning Patterns were developed by the Learning Patterns Project consisting of undergraduate students and me, an associate professor of creative systems and methodology, at Keio University, Japan, in 2008. We have actually used the edition at our university, and more than 5,000 copies of this books have been handed out. Thus, learning patterns were originally developed in order to support learning of college students, however we believe that it can be applied to any learners living in various situations like business persons, engineers, scientists, artists, creators, and life-long learners. And now we are almost ready to show you the English edition of the Learning Patterns.

We'll hand out the book at the upcoming conference, International Conference on Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs2011) held in Basel, Switzerland, Sep. 8-10, 2011. Then, after the conference, we'll upload the PDF online soon.

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  1. Hi There! Can you please share the link to download the pdf?