Saturday, September 17, 2011

Experience Mining and Dialogues Workshop @ COINs2011

Last week, my students and I attended to the Third International Conference on Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs2011) held in Basel, Switzerland.

We held a two-hour workshop entitled "Experience Mining and Dialogues with a Pattern Language for Creative Learning." In that workshop, participants talk about their experience of learning each other with using the Learning Patterns. The Learning Patterns is a pattern language for creative learning, namely the collection of practical knowledge of problem-finding and problem-solving in learning.

The goals of this workshop were as follows: first, understanding what a pattern language is like, especially the Learning Patterns, a pattern language for creative learning. Second, reflecting on, talking about, and (re-) designing your own learning. Third, becoming future facilitators of this type of workshop in their own community.

We had more than twenty participants from diverse fields and different countries. While it was our first time to hold a workshop in such an international setting, we enjoyed the facilitation thanks to the eager participants. Not only participants, but also the place of workshop was so nice, because the place of the workshop was the terrace of the Old University offering a wonderful view of the Rhine.

I'm really happy since participants said they enjoyed the workshop and it was eye-opening for them. Furthermore, we learned several hints from their feedback. I greatly appreciate their joining and I would like to thank my team members.

The Place of Workshop on the Rhine

Introduction Session

Demonstration of Dialogue

Dialogue Session

 Reflection Session

Workshop Organizing Team

The video of our presentation is available at the Livestream coninsconference page. Also, the following is the presentation slides posted into the SlideShare.

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