Friday, April 13, 2012

Introducing "Simulation Design"

In order to understand complex, changing systems, such as life, intelligence, and society, it is necessary to acquire the proper tools or methods. Amongst the variety of techniques, simulation examines the systems’ behavior through their dynamics under fixed relations.

For the spring semester of 2012, Prof. Takashi Iba and Tomoki Furukawazono will be lecturing how to perceive complex systems using simulation, in the course: “Simulation Design” at Keio University SFC. Although this course is for undergraduates, each class is far from a one-way “lecture,” but more of a creative, collaborative, discussion and workshop.

“Simulation” is normally defined as computer simulation, but in this course, we define this simulation in a much more comprehensive manner. This course aims to understand and practice simulation by consideration, methods, and practices.

The first session of each lecture is mainly a discussion of what we read and thought. In the second session, students will learn new skills in order to design their own simulation, such as image processing, illustrating software, etc.

After every lecture there will be updates on this blog, including pictures, concerning discussions, exercises, and projects of students taking this course.

We had our first lecture this past Tuesday, introducing the specific flow of the course this semester. The course will proceed as followed:

#1 Introduction

#2 Constructive Way of Understanding

#3 Generative Processes

#4 Abduction

#5 Metaphor

#6 Paradigm Shift

#7 Historical Construction of the Social

#8 Cartesian Paradigm

#9 Batesonian Holism

#10 Patterns and Learning

#11 Autopoiesis

#12 Generative Structure

#13 Network Science

#14 Reflection

We are very eager to see what awaits us throughout this semester, so stay tuned!

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