Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Goal (Collaboration Patterns Project #2)

Today we started off by clarifying our main goal of this project; to create the media ,which enhances creativity. We discussed on the many aspects how to support people who are eager to think more creative. Knowing that we have few background of this field in the concept of human behavior, this project is innovative and original  thus we ourselves must explore many different methods to arrange,unfold, and pursue creative activities.  This is why our role comes to play in pattern languages for human action and communication, putting the problem-solving methods into words and implanting them all over the world. As we concluded, our challenge is to discover the various and best ways to improve each person's creative thinking.

Since we seemed to brainstormed most of our ideas and thoughts during last session, most of the members had trouble coming up with other new ideas. Influenced by the gloomy and rainy day, we began very slowly trying to push out any seeds of ideas we can come up with. One by one, each person spoke out about the requirements of creation and the elements of a creative environment.

What was different from the last session is that many practical experiences were brought to the table including personal stories. Reacting to the previous person's story, people became to bring up a chain of stories. This situation gradually boosted our motivation to brainstorm and finish up with more good ideas.

Next week, we will be using the KJ method ( technical vocabulary: affinity diagram) to group some of our ideas and thoughts. This process will most likely take longer than the other sessions.

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