Sunday, April 15, 2012

What are Creative Systems?

I proposed a new theory for creativity, which I call "Creative Systems Theory," two years ago. In the theory, creative systems are defined as autopoietic systems whose elements are discoveries, and a discovery emerges from the synthesis of the three-part selection: "idea," "association," and "finding."

Creative processes are autopoietic systems that are operationally closed and consequently human and society are considered as factors belonging to its environment. My intention to introduce the concept of autopoiesis is to understand creation itself, separated from psychic and social aspects of creativity. Only this distinction can allow us to consider the relation among creation (creative system), mind (psychic system), and communication (social system).

The details of the creative systems theory is explained in the following paper.

Takashi Iba,  "An Autopoietic Systems Theory for Creativity", Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol.2, Issue 4, 2010, pp.6610-6625
* You can download the PDF file of this paper.

In this paper, a new, non-psychological and non-sociological approach to understanding creativity is proposed. The approach is based on autopoietic system theory, where an autopoietic system is defined as a unity whose organization is defined by a particular network of production processes of elements. While the theory was originally proposed in biology and then applied to sociology, I have applied it to understand the nature of creation, and called it “Creative Systems Theory”. A creative system is an autopoietic system whose element is "discovery," which emerges only when a synthesis of three selections has occurred: "idea," "association," and "finding." With using these concepts, we open the way to understand creation itself separated from psychic and social aspects of creativity. On this basis, the coupling between creative, psychic, and social systems is discussed. I suggest, in this paper, the future of creativity studies, re-defining a discipline "Creatology" for inquiring creative systems and propose an interdisciplinary field as "Creative Sciences" for interdisciplinary connections among creatology, psychology, and so on.

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